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Distant & In-Person Reiki Healing in Los Angeles, California

I use reiki energy to help people release stuck negative energy so that they can experience more mindfulness, joy and freedom in their daily lives.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or tired of being in pain? The gentle art of Reiki is a healing method that promotes relaxation and wellness.

Reiki is a holistic energy practice that directs universal life force energy to help balance your physical and mental bodies. 

Reiki can help you with: 

  • Emotional and physical pain

  • Blockages and negative thought patterns

  • Personal and spiritual growth

  • Grief and processing loss

  • Self-acceptance and self-discovery

  • Navigating difficult relationships

  • Chronic stress and feelings of hopelessness

  • Overcoming childhood trauma

  • Gaining clarity when life feels foggy and unclear

  • And much more…

Reiki is a type of alternative healing that’s rooted in Buddhism. In the 19th century, it was reintroduced by Mikao Usui in Japan where it gained popularity. Reiki’s universal life force energy is believed to exist in all living matter. 

This non-invasive healing practice is safe and gentle. I direct the flow of energy to where imbalances may occur, even if you’re at a distance. Your body’s ability to self-heal becomes revived when energy blockages are cleared. 

Client Testimonials


Jasmine has such a beautiful, warm and gentle nature that I felt safe in her hands from the outset. As an energy healer myself, I was very sensitive to feeling her work - which was very effective. It was a remote healing and her energy felt very direct and pure. I feel a sense of peace, relaxation and that some energies that were stuck have been released. Jasmine was able to help me shift some of grief in a very smooth and easeful way. She was also able to help my body unlock from some 'Mother Wounds'. I am truly grateful. I also had some fairly deep experiences, travelling through time and to other places. All of which have given me some clarity of things I have been experiencing lately. I highly recommend Jasmine's services, she is a skillful Reiki energy healer. I will be back for sure.


Claire M.


Jasmine is an energy healer, a beautiful soul, and knows her stuff. I highly recommend her and she has been life changing for me. If you want someone to help you heal, be your highest version, and just need a nudge, she's the go-to-person. And you will be glad you did. Don't look any further and give her a shot. Warning, your life will be transformed in a positive way and you will be glad you made that choice!!!


Rick X.


Jasmine is such an amazing healer ; I had a wonderful experience 😌


Bella T.

About Jasmine Yang

Hi, I’m Jasmine, a certified Usui Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and Certified Master Integrative Healing Practitioner under Cristina Dober. I love empowering others on their transformative journey toward holistic wellness.

I grew up in a Buddhist household where meditation and mindfulness practices were a part of my grandmother's daily rituals. This lifelong learning of meditation inspired me to go deeper into personal growth and healing after a rocky childhood. 

I was introduced to Reiki when I stumbled upon a free distance Reiki session. I was floored by the power of it, especially since it was online. During this free distance Reiki session, I could feel gentle waves of loving energy surround me. The experience was deeply relaxing. 

Over the years I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, and chronic stomach issues. I’ve been able to heal these issues with energetics and with the help of great mentors along the way. Now I’m using Reiki to help others heal themselves and move through this life with love. 

I offer remote and in-person Reiki in Los Angeles to help you along your unique path. 

Jasmine headshot_small
Jasmine headshot_small

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In-Person Reiki

One (1) 60-Minute Session: $150.00 (USD)

One (1) 30-Minute Session: $75.00 (USD)

Remote (Distance) Reiki

One (1) 60-Minute Session: $100.00 (USD)

One (1) 30-Minute Session: $50.00 (USD)

Package Deals

Email or book a discovery call for pricing on package deals & bundles 

jasmine sitting_small
jasmine sitting_small

How to Begin Your Reiki Healing Journey

Step #1 – Book a Discovery Call

Here you can book a free 15-minute Discovery Call that’s held through Google Meet (similar to Zoom).

You can skip the Discovery Call if you’re confident you want to work with me.

Step #2 – Schedule Your Reiki Session & Experience Divine Energy

After our Discovery Call, you can schedule your first 1-hour Reiki healing session using my Calendly calendar. Payment is due upon session scheduling.

*Please note that 30-minute sessions are for repeat clients only (or with prior approval during our Discovery Call).

Once you schedule your session, I’ll email you with meeting details.

Step #3 – Emerge With a New Sense of Peace & Clarity

Discover Reiki Benefits and Unlock Your Inner Healing

From anxiety to childhood trauma to digestive issues, you don’t have to let emotional blockages or pain keep you from living your best life. 

Working together, we’ll create a sacred space for your individual healing needs where you can rediscover your innate well-being. 

With the release of energetic blockages, you can facilitate profound spiritual connections and personal growth in your life. 

Sign up for a distance healing session or join me at Unlocked Inner Healing, my healing studio for Reiki in Los Angeles. I look forward to connecting with you.


Frequently Asked Questions About Reiki with Jasmine Yang

Q: Who is Reiki for? 

A:  Reiki is for anyone interested in receiving non-invasive holistic healing. Reiki is a gentle energy-based modality that can help anyone interested in receiving healing energy to support them on their path. 

Q: Who is Reiki NOT for? 

A: Reiki is not recommended as a surprise gift to others. You need to be in a mental state where you really want to heal and make changes for Reiki to be the most beneficial.

Q: How many Reiki sessions will I need? 

A: The number of Reiki sessions depends on your individual needs. You may experience relief in just one session, or you may need multiple sessions for complete healing.

Q: Do you have options for payment plans? 

A: Payment is due in full before your appointment. However, if you’re unable to afford services then contact me to discuss payment plan options. Payment plan options are considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Q: Do you have a cancellation policy?

A: All cancellations must be made at least four (4) hours before your appointment time. Refunds will take a week to process and be delivered via PayPal or original payment method.

Q: Do I need to find Reiki healing near me and have an in-person session?

A:  No, you don’t need to have a Reiki session in person. Reiki is a universal life force energy that knows no boundaries of distance or time. This means you can benefit from the healing powers of Reiki from anywhere in the world. 

If you’re looking for Reiki in Los Angeles and are located in West Los Angeles near Playa Del Rey, Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach, or the El Segundo areas then you can visit me at my healing center, Unlocked Inner Healing.

Q: How effective is a distance Reiki Session?

A: I practice the same Reiki protocols for my distant healing sessions as I do for my in-person sessions. Except for my distant Reiki clients, I incorporate the distant Reiki symbol. This symbol bridges time and space, allowing healing energy to be sent to you no matter where you’re located. 

Q: What do I need to do before a session?


Q: What happens during a session?

A: During an in person session, you will lay face up on a massage table. I typically do sessions outdoors, but a session indoors can be arranged if discussed in advanced. I will work with reiki energy hovering my hands above you, but not touching you.

For distance reiki sessions, you'll set up a space to sit down or lay down yourself, and join a zoom call.

For both types of sessions, we'll discuss your intentions for the session. I'll send reiki energy to you by hovering hands over your body (or an energetic representation if virtual) but not touching you. I'll move around depending on where I feel you need the energy. I also play sound bath music and/or sound bowls during our sessions together.

I leave a few minutes at the end to share with me about your experience and answer any questions you have.

Q: How will I feel after a session?

A: After your Reiki session, you may experience:

  • Less physical, mental, or emotional pain

  • A sense of being connected to your inner wisdom

  • A fostering of harmony in your mind, body, and spirit

  • A feeling of being connected to source energy greater than yourself and your higher self

Following your session, you may feel the effects of Reiki for several days. Or it may be a day or two until you feel the effects of Reiki.

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